The office of County Treasurer was created by the state constitution. Treasurers take office in May, are elected for 4-year terms on a non-partisan ballot during November elections, and their salary is set by state statute and based on the population of the county. The full duties are listed in the North Dakota Century Code.

Treasurer duties include:
  • Balancing Accounts
  • Collecting Fees and Fines
  • Conducting Monthly Disbursements to County Entities
  • Investing Funds to Receive the Best Return
  • Providing Information to Lending Agencies
  • Receiving All Incoming Money

Property Taxes General Information

5% Discount on consolidated real estate taxes, if total tax is paid in full on or before February 15. First payment consists of one-half of the consolidated tax and the full amount of the yearly installment of the special assessments as shown on statement. 

All taxes become due on January 1st and are delinquent on March 2nd.

If the first payment is not paid on or before March 1st, there are certain fees. If second payment is not paid on or before October 15th, there are certain fees.

Fee Schedule

 Date Percentage / Penalty Fee
March 2nd 3 Percent
May 1st 6 Percent
July 1st 9 Percent
October 15th 12 Percent (To January 1st)
October 16th
 6 Percent (To January 1st)

Second payment consists of the remaining one-half of the consolidated tax. Interest at 12% annul will begin after January 1st.

True and Full value means the value determined by considering the earning or productive capacity, if any, the market value, if any, and all other matters that affect the actual value of the property to be assessed. This shall include, for purposes of arriving at the true value of property used for agricultural purposes, farm rentals, soil capacity, soil productivity, and soil analysis.

Property Tax Statements

Real Estate tax statements are mailed each December. By North Dakota Century Code, they must be mailed by the 26th of December. Mobile Home tax statements are also mailed in December. 

Property tax statements are available online and may be viewed on our Property Tax Statement Search page or through the Ramsey County Parcel Viewer.

Online Payments

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